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  • Adding Staff

    Updated on: Oct 08, 2014

    Tags adding staff, new staff, staff
    <p>Adding staff details to Abacus enables you to monitor a wide range of information from essential contact and allergy data, to tracking appraisals, qualifications or certificates. The shift patterns section allows you to create staff rotas, based on actual attendance by room, and even track ov...
  • Creating Staff Rotas

    Updated on: Oct 08, 2014

    Tags Shifts, staff, staff rota, working hours

    You can easily add your staff shifts onto Abacus and create staff rotas designed to meet the actual occupancy at your setting.

    See also "Occupancy Reports" and "Staff Rotas".

  • Staff Salary Information

    Updated on: Oct 08, 2014

    Tags pay, salary, staff

    Abacus is not a payroll system however we do encourage you to input staff salary information onto the system as it is a great way of making the payroll system you do use a lot easier, as all the information is stored ready to pull out of Abacus.

  • Staff Only Rooms

    Updated on: Aug 28, 2015

    Tags non occupancy, staff, staff only, staff only room
    <p>To create a new room for staff only, for cooks or administrators etc, please contact our Customer Care Team who will be able to create any new room you require.</p> <p>A staff only room will enable you to allocate staff to a room which will not be available for children, or appear on any chil...