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  • How to Add Extra Child Information

    Updated on: Oct 08, 2014

    Tags allergy, child information, data list, dietry, illnesses, medical, permissions

    In this section of the child account, you can add all their allergies, dietary, illnesses, medical information and their observations and permissions.

  • Children Page

    Updated on: Oct 30, 2014

    Tags allergies, allergy, attachment, comment, contact details, dietary, email, medical, permission, permissions, dayshare

    Within this section you can view childrens allergies, permissions, dietary requirements and medical notes. You are able to add a comment against a child or all children, email a child or all children, as well as see all events logged against a child so far for that day!

  • Child Information Reports

    Updated on: Oct 08, 2014

    Tags allergy, dietry, language, medical, nationality, religion

    Abacus stores a variety of information about each of the children in your care and can provide detailed summaries of this data when needed.