Articles tagged: Invoices

  • Running a Batch of Invoices

    Updated on: Mar 31, 2016

    Tags child invoice, group invoices, invoice, Invoices

    Getting your invoices out to parent's can take a long time if you have to type each invoice out manually; however on Abacus you can run all your invoices in one batch, and email or print them for all parents.

  • Updating your Nursery Information

    Updated on: Oct 30, 2014

    Tags Address, afternoon start time, am/pm, capacity, email, Invoices, letters, lunch costs, meals, open days, statements

    It is important to keep your nursery information up to date as Abacus adds this automatically to important documents like invoices, statements, letters and emails. Similarly, occupancy and some register reports rely on information like opening times to calculate accurately.

  • Adding your Logo

    Updated on: Oct 08, 2014

    Tags image, Invoices, letters, logo, picture, statement

    Personalising your invoices and letters looks great when they are sent to your parents. Adding your logo to the system can really make them stand out.