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Logging Accident and Incidents

Any accident or incident can be added to a child through the Child Summary screen.

1. Go to Children > Child Summary

2. Click on Misc. Details tab

3. Using the drop box, select "Accidents and Incidents"

Adding Accidents and Incidents

1. To add a new Accident / Incident, click the green plus icon for Add.

2. Complete the form with the relevant details you wish to record.  All mandatory fields are marked with a red asterisk.

3. Click Save.  This will now be saved and shown in a new row in the table.

To View / Edit Existing Accidents & Incidents

Accidents/incidents can be viewed / edited by clicking on the "A" button highlighted above for the required accident/incident.  This will populate the details into the form below. You can then edit any of the details of the accident/incident and click on the ‘Update’ button to save the changes.


If you edit the details of the accident/incident and click on the ‘Cancel’ button, the form will reset and any changes to the accident/incident will not be saved.

If you make changes and navigate away from the ‘Child Summary’ page a verification message will be displayed asking if you would like to save the accident/incident first.  If you decline then your changes will be lost.

To Delete an Accident or Incident

Simply follow the steps above to edit / view an accident / incident, but click "Delete" instead of "Update".

Printing Individual Accident & Incident Reports

To print a report of a child's logged accidents and incidents, click on the print button in the top right corner of the table.  You will then be asked to select the date range for the period you wish to report on.

TOP TIP: Clicking on the calendar icons will enable you to choose a date!

Your report will generate on screen for you.  To print, select PDF from the drop list and click "Export".  This will open the report in PDF Viewer where you will be able to print or save the report as required.

Printing All Children's Accident & Incident Reports

To print a report containing all children's accident / incident data, please see the Accident & Incident Report within the reports section here.