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Logging Child Observations

Any observation can be recorded about a child through the Child Summary screen.  This section will allow you to record notes you have observed about the child; such as if a child has arrived with an existing injury, or if any specific aspect of their behaviour changes.

1. Go to Children > Child Summary.

2. Select the child you wish to record an observation for.

3. Click on Misc. Details tab.

4. Using the drop box, select "Observations".

Creating Observations

1. Click add.

2. Choose the relevant staff member, supervisor, date, time and enter notes/details regarding what you have observed.

3. Click save.

To view/edit an existing Observation

1. Click on the "A" icon next to the record you wish to view / edit.

2. The details will appear in the bottom of the screen.

3. Update as required and click "Update" to save.

To delete an Observation

Simply follow the above steps for viewing /editing, and at step 3 select "Delete".

Printing an Observation Report

To print a report on Observations you have recorded, click the print icon in the top right corner.

You will be directed to a screen where you will be asked for the start and the end date of the period you wish to run the report.

The report will open on screen.  To save or print the report, click on the drop down to select PDF then "Export".

TOP TIP: Remember, this can be used for observations you have made, as well as observations the parent may have made and wish for you to be aware of e.g. they notify you of a new bruise which happened at home or the child has recently started refusing to eat vegetables at mums, but eats fine at dads etc.