Abacus Help Files ReportsDetailed Starters & Leavers Report

Detailed Starters & Leavers Report

This report will display all children who are either starting or leaving your setting, within a specified period, and display any regular sessions scheduled.

Running the Report

Running the Report

The report can be run for any date range, with many sorting and group by features.

Viewing the Report

Viewing the Report

This report combined all information from the Starters Report, Leavers Report, and a weekly register.  Depending if a starter or leaver, the booking pattern shown is the first or last full weeks booking pattern within the time frame you run the report.

The first session date and time column will display the first regular session for that child.

The totals are designed to display the change in attendance as a result of the starters/leavers.


Children who attend more than one session a day are only counted once.

Children whos start/leave date falls within the period the report has been run, but where sessions do not, the child will be displayed but with no sessions.  The first session date and time column will help determine this.