Editing Rooms

Your rooms would have already been set up within your Abacus system for you, however these can be amended at any time to suit your requirements

Editing Rooms

Editing Rooms

Go into Settings > Rooms and Ratios, and then click the yellow pencil next to the room you wish to edit.

You can change any of the details on this screen.  

To allocated multi age bands and ratios within the room, click on the Add age group green plus button to add additional lines - one for each age group.

Once you have finished, click save.

Staff Only Room

To edit an existing room and turn it into a staff only room, go into Settings > Room and Ratios and click the yellow pencil next to the room you wish to change.  In the bottom left, select the check box named "Non-occupancy room, e.g. admin or staff room.

You will no longer be able to allocate any children to this room.  This room will not appear on any child related reports.

To create a new room for staff only for cooks or administrators etc, please contact our Customer Care Team who will be able to create any new room you require.

Automated Room Movements

To read how automated room movements work, please see help file "Room Movements".