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Updating your Nursery Information

It is important to keep your nursery information up to date as Abacus adds this automatically to important documents like invoices, statements, letters and emails. Similarly, occupancy and some register reports rely on information like opening times to calculate accurately.

Click on 'Settings' and then choose 'Configuration'.

1) Here you can update your address and email.

2) Set the time your afternoon starts, which defines reports like weekly occupancy AM/PM.

3) The meal costs can be entered here so they can be added to sessions as an extra cost if required.

4) Type in how many places you are registered for in each age band.

5) Enter the day children normally leave your nursery.  This will dictate the date sessions are booked up to.  Each child's actual leave date can be updated nearer the time if required!

6) Enter your charge bands - remember not to over lap them! E.g. the starting age band can NOT be the same as the last age bands end age.

7) If you use our Fee Planner Direct Debit collection service, please enter your email address here.

For more information on our Direct Debit service, please contact our Customer Service Team on 0844 504 5504.

Open Days & Start Day of Week

Open Days & Start Day of Week

Clicking the "More" button in the bottom left panel will move you to the next screen.  Here you will have the ability to select the day of the week your setting starts, and the days of the week your setting is open for.

  1. Use the drop box to select the first day of the week for you.  
  2. Check the boxes to select which days your setting is open for.

This information is used within the Detailed Weekly, and Weekly Room Register.  Although this information is not mandatory, it will enable you to have increased filtering abilities; to see information within these reports from e.g. Sunday to Saturday, and make it possible to exclude non working days from these registers if required.

NOTE: Where nothing is selected, Monday to Friday will be the default shown on these reports.


Messages on Invoices

Messages on Invoices

You can set a standard message to appear at the top, and/or the bottom of your invoices.

To enter an invoice header message, or invoice footer message, please click the more button at the bottom of the centre of the screen.