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Free Entitlement Configuration

Abacus has an incredibly flexible solution that conforms to the requirements to many of the single funding formulas.  By it's nature though, there are hundreds of variations and interpretations and we recommend consulting our Customer Service Agents (0844 504 5504) so that they can talk you through it step by step. This is to avoid any errors which could result in incorrect invoicing.

To set up your Local Authority Region

To set up your Local Authority Region

Click on the 'Settings' icon and then on 'Free Entitlement'.

1) Click the green plus sign to create a new funding group if needed.  This will allocate a child to a particular set of terms.

2) Type in the name of the group e.g. 51 weeks funding.

3) Type in the maximum no. of hours per week e.g.15.

4) Type in how many hours they are allowed over each amount of days e.g. 1 day = 6, 2 days = 12, 3 days = 15, 4 days = 15, 5 days = 15.

5) Click Save.

To add terms

To add terms

1) Click the A symbol to add your terms.

2) Click Add Term.

1) Enter your term name.

2) Enter the start and end date for your term.

3) Enter the term head count date.

4) If you offer sessional free entitlement, this is where you enter the termly value.  If you offer hourly free entitlement, please ignore.

5) If you offer hourly free entitlement, enter the hourly rate you would receive from your LEA here.  This will be used in reporting.

6) If you offer hourly free entitlement at a different hourly value to your sessional hourly cost, you should enter the hourly rate in this field. If you offer free hours (at the same rate as your sessional hourly rate) you should NOT enter a value in this field.

7) Add any non-qualifying days (single or multiple) by selecting the date/s and click the green plus sign to add them.

8) Click 'Save'.

Go through this process for each term you need to add.

Allocating children their free entitlement

Allocating children their free entitlement

Click on 'Children' and then on 'Accounts'.

1) Click on the Discounts tab.

2) Choose the Free Entitlement group they belong to.

3) Tick if either box applies.

4) Click Save.

You can then book on their free entitlement sessions

You can then book on their free entitlement sessions

On the child's sessions screen click on 'Schedule' and then 'Free Entitlement'.

1) Enter the dates for receiving Free Entitlement.

2) Click the start and end time of the session.

3) Click on the day of the week to book it in over their normal sessions - it will appear in pink. Repeat this for all sessions.

4) Note: you can see how many hours you have booked in.

5) When you are finished allocating, click Next.

NOTE: Abacus will only apply Free Entitlement sessions from the term after their 3rd birthday (unless you ticked 'Eligible at 2 yrs') and only during the relevant group term dates.

Booking Free Entitlement over Bespoke sessions

If you are booking Free Entitlement over a bespoke session, then this will be calculated in the same manner as your sessions configured in Settings> Session Types: - dividing the given charge rate by the number of hours the session has been booked for to determine the hourly rate for that session.

For example, if the bespoke session booked was for 10 hours, and the charge rate entered was £20, then the calculation would be 20 / 10 = £2.  The Free Entitlement hourly rate would therefore be £2.00 per hour when booked over this session. In the instance of a child or termly hourly voucher value override being present, the system will use the override hourly rate rather than the calculated sessional hourly rate.


You will then see the child's room movements, check these are as required and click Save.