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Editing Sessional Fees

All sessional fee's can be updated through the Settings > Session Types screen.

Once within the Settings > Session Types screen, follow these simple steps to update your fees:

1. Click on the yellow edit icon associated to the session type you wish to edit.  The sessions details will appear on the right hand side of your screen.

2. Increase or decrease the custom charge field as necessary.

3. Click "Update" to save all changes.


  • All session fees are charged via this screen at the point of invoicing.  Therefore, please make sure you have invoiced all sessions you require at the old rate, before you update your fee rates.  Once the fee rates have been changed, that session will be invoiced at the new rate, regardless of when it was booked.
  • No existing invoices will be amended due to this change.
  • The FE rate column will update upon saving and the above notes apply to these sessions also where relevant.