School Terms

Some or all of your children may only attend during school terms, and therefore only need sessions booked between these dates.  You can define these children by ticking the 'Term Time Only' box on the child summary page.  

Click on 'Settings' and then 'School Terms'.

Adding a New School Term & Half Terms

Adding a New School Term & Half Terms

There are six school terms in a year; two in Autumn, two in Spring and two in Summer.  Each term added will automatically create non term time periods which will act as your half term times and summary holidays etc.  

Upon creating your terms, please remember to name them so you can easily identify when they are for e.g. Spring Term 1 2014.

1) Select "Add Term" to create a new term.

2) Complete the term name and dates on the right hand side.

3) Click Save.

Editing and Deleting School Terms

A school term can be edited or deleted if required.

Please contact our Customer Service Team to action this.

Setting a child to book sessions in term time only periods

Click on the Children's icon and on the Child Summary tab.

1) Click on Misc. Details.

2) Click on the edit pencil.

3) Check the box to select Term Time Booking.

4) Pick which term they are term time only from.

5) Then click Save at the bottom of the page.

NOTE: If the child has regular sessions already booked, upon saving you will be notified that any regular sessions falling within non tern time periods will be deleted.  If any of these sessions have been invoiced then credit notes for those invoices will automatically be raised.