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Nursery Holidays

Bank holidays and nursery holidays (closures) should be defined within Abacus to ensure correct scheduling of children and staff, and accuracy of occupancy reports. If required, a specific discount can be applied.

Click on the 'Settings' icon and then choose 'Holidays'.

Adding a nursery holiday

Enter new holiday information on the right hand side of the screen, choosing whether it is a single or multiple day holiday.

If the holiday is still charged to the children, leave the amount of discount as 0, or put the appropriate percentage to be deducted from invoice.  Select whether meals are also discounted.

We advise you leave Allow sessions on this day ticked as if you make a mistake and book in the wrong holiday dates you will not then have to re book in all the sessions once you delete the holiday.

Click Add - your holiday is now applied to the system.

Deleting a holiday

Deleting a holiday

To delete a Nursery Holiday that has already been added to the system, simply select the trash can next to the relevant entry.