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Staff Salary Information

Abacus is not a payroll system however we do encourage you to input staff salary information onto the system as it is a great way of making the payroll system you do use a lot easier, as all the information is stored ready to pull out of Abacus.

Click on the red 'Staff' icon and then onto the 'Salary' tab. Make sure you are on the staff member whose salary you wish to input.

Salary Tab

Salary Tab

1) Choose whether the staff member is paid hourly or salaried.

2) Fill in the salary or hourly pay information, if you update this the previous salary will then show what they used to be paid by you before the pay increase.

3) This will be the date of their last pay rise or decrease.

4) Tick the box for every day a staff member may work.

5) Choose when your holiday period runs from each year and if you give an overtime rate.

6) This is where you enter how many full days holiday staff are allowed.  Below gives you the option to go straight to the holiday report. This can also be accessed through Reports> Staff> Staff Holiday Report. You can also at a glance see how many days they have taken to date and how many they have left.

7) This will automatically generate the number of sick days that a staff member has taken and below you can see a report for this. This can also be accessed through Reports> Staff> Staff Sickness Report.

8) Here you need to tick the box if you pay SSP (Statutory Sick Pay) and then choose how you pay it.

9) Fill in the bank details for the staff member if you keep these on file and the address of their bank.

10) You can keep a record of staff's NI (National Insurance) number.

11) Click to Save.


Useful reports

Useful reports

Click on 'Reports' and then 'Reports Menu'.

Here is a list of all reports for your staff. Here you can find salary related reports such as the ones highlighted above. These will help you pull off information for you to then do your payroll or give to your accountant.