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Creating Staff Rotas

You can easily add  your staff shifts onto Abacus and create staff rotas designed to meet the actual occupancy at your setting.

See also  "Occupancy Reports" and "Staff Rotas".

Adding staff shifts

Adding staff shifts

Click on the 'Staff' icon and 'Schedule Shifts'. Then click the 'Schedule' drop down and choose 'Regular Shift'.  This will add the shifts they do every week.

Add shifts per day

The first step in creating a staff rota is to schedule the regular shifts for regular staff.  Note that the system will monitor the number of hours scheduled against the contractual hours, highlighting overtime and hourly rates.

1) Set the W/C date from the date you want their shifts to start.

2) If the member of staff is to do the same pattern every week, leave this as 1.  If their shift pattern is to change on a weekly basis, select the relevant number.  For example, if you want them to do early shifts one week, and late the next, select a 2 week pattern.  

3) Pick the shift they are going to do.

4) Choose which room the shift is in.

5) Click the days of the week they do these shifts.

6) Click on Save.

NOTE: If its a multi week rotation, make sure you put the full weekly pattern in all tabs.

Their shifts are now saved on their main shifts page.

Staff's attendance

Staff's attendance

If you click on a shift on the rota on the shifts page you then have the options above. Here you can mark the staff as Attended, Absent or sick which will then update your salary tab and the reports for your staff's shifts.