Adding Staff

Adding staff details to Abacus enables you to monitor a wide range of information from essential contact and allergy data, to tracking appraisals, qualifications or certificates.  The shift patterns section allows you to create staff rotas, based on actual attendance by room, and even track overtime and absences. Here's how to add a member of staff:

Go the the 'Staff' icon and click on 'Add Staff'.

Fill in as much information you can, as it can really help with reporting. Some points to note are below:

1) To enter a date of birth, click on the year and a drop down will appear to pick the correct one, this is the same with the month.

2) If you select the tick box next to the phone number this become an emergency contact.

3) You can add a photo of the staff member.

4) You can select the persons job role and type.  If their job is not in the drop down list, see the lesson below to add it.

5) If you select this staff member as a key person,  you can then assign them to a specific child in the child summary page.

6) Click if the person is hourly paid or salaried.

7) Fill in either their hourly rate or the salary they receive.

8) CRB details can be entered here so that you can keep a track of when staff need to renew their police checks.

9) You can fill in your staff's NI number to keep a track of it.

10) You can put in the staff members bank details if you keep these on record.

11) If you keep the staffs bank details on record you can input these here.

12) Don't forget to Save.

Adding more details

Adding more details

Once you have added them they will appear on your Staff Summary screen.

You can select Other Information and click the drop down. Here you can add lots of information such as qualification's and training courses.

To add more items to these lists, see below.

Adding items to drop down lists.

Adding items to drop down lists.

Click on 'Settings' and then on 'Data Lists'.

1) Click the drop down to choose which category you wish to add options to.

2) Click the green plus sign to add another option.

3) Type in the new option.

4) Click Save.