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Voucher Reconciliation

Vouchers can be added at any time as a payment through the child's account screen or in Quick Pay.

Some settings find it beneficial to add vouchers with advance dates, which can help the balance when raising invoices etc, and then reconile them as they arrive.

Viewing/Searching Vouchers

All vouchers can be searched for within the Finance > Voucher section of the system.

1. Click Range to select a date range by voucher payment date, or "All" for all vouchers.

2. If "Range" is selected, enter From Date and To Date.

3. To see reconciled vouchers click here.

4. Select the voucher payments you wish to view, or leave as "Select Voucher" and click "Search" for all voucher payments.

Vouchers can also be filtered alphabetically or numerically by clicking on the heading title you wish to sort.

Reconciling Vouchers

To reconcile a voucher simply:

1. Select the relevant voucher by checking the box adjacent.

2. Click "Reconcile".

Voucher Report

Voucher Report

There is the ability to print a list of a selection or all vouchers within your system. First, follow the rules within Viewing/Searching Vouchers above to achieve your voucher selection.

1. Select the vouchers you wish to appear in the report by checking the relevant boxes, selecting the top box to check all.

2. Click "Print Statement" in the bottom right of the screen to produce your voucher report.