Sometimes parents need that gentle reminder about payments outstanding.  A statement will show all relevant invoices with money outstanding.

Click "Finance", then "Quick Pay".

1) You have the option to run statements for all invoices with an outstanding amount. Alternatively, you can search for specific invoices within a date range.

2) You can now click to print or email statements for all children or just particular children.

3) Once you have chosen the children you would like to print statements for, click "Print Statement".  To email statements, click "Email".

Printing Statements

Printing Statements

If you are printing statements then a statement, similar to the one above, will be displayed. It can then be printed, or it can be exported to various file formats.

Emailing Statements

Emailing Statements

If you have followed the above steps for emailing, once "Email" has been selected you will be asked to select a template for your email.

Use the drop down to select your preconfigured template and click OK to send.

This will send an email with the template text as the body of the email, and the statement as an attachment.  You will see notification of it's success once it has completed sending.