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Printing, Reprinting or Emailing Invoices

It's amazing how often parents manage to lose their invoice, or the printer breaks half way through printing, etc. Don't worry, you can go back and re-print or re-email any parent's invoice.  This is done through the Invoice Summary screen.

Finance Menu

Finance Menu

Go to the "Finance" symbol and click "Invoice Summary".

Invoice Summary

1) Choose whether you want all invoice's (not often required) or to select from those produced during a specific date range.

2) Choose to filter by period or date:

a. Period - the period the invoice is for e.g. invoices which were run to invoice for sessions and products in December.

b. Date - invoices which have a date that was given to the invoice upon processing that falls within the date range chosen.

3) Choose the dates by using the calenders.

4) Filter the invoices to display only the 'Emailed Invoices', 'Printed Invoices', 'Un emailed Invoices' or 'Unprinted Invoices'. By default, this will be set to display All Invoices.  This filter can be used after the selected criteria has been chosen too.

5) Click on Process to bring up the results.

6) Check the box next to the invoice you want to print or email, or use the top tick box to select all invoices in the list.

7) Click 'With All Details' if you would like to print a summarised breakdown of chargeable items when you print.

8) If selected, now click 'include individual session details' if you would like to print an item by item detailed breakdown of each chargeable item.

9) Click on 'Email' or 'Print Invoice' depending how you want to send the invoice.

10) Any invoice which has already been printed, will have a printer icon next to it.

11) Any invoice which has already been emailed, will have an envelope icon next to it.  

NOTE: To help you search, you can also re-arrange the invoices by clicking on the headings; e.g. Child Name.

Printing invoices

If you have decided to 'Print Invoice':

1. Your invoice/s will load onscreen and you can skip between them using the next and previous buttons.

2. To print the invoice/s, select the format 'Acrobat (PDF) file' from the drop down list and click 'Export'. This will save the invoice in PDF format on your computer for you to view or print your invoice/s.

3. You can click 'Close' at any time to abort this screen.

NOTE: Acrobat PDF is free and can be downloaded at http://get.adobe.com/uk/reader/

Printing Invoices with 'All Details'

If you have decided to 'Print Invoice' with the 'All Details' check box ticked, a summarised breakdown of the invoice will be displayed, showing you the quantity, name, and price of all sessions. Extra sessions will also display the date the session was booked (1).

The quantity, name, and price of any invoiced meals and products will also be displayed. Products will additionally have the purchased date (2), unless it's a 'recurring product', in which case 'Regular' will be displayed next to the product (3).

The '**' symbol, circled red in the screen shot above, indicates sessions have been overlapped by free entitlement sessions (partially or fully overlapped). The session cost will be adjusted accordingly. Note this applies to regular and extra sessions.

If you have decided to print "with all details" and "include individual session details", a full breakdown of the invoice will appear, with every single item on it's own separate line displaying the name and price of each session, extra session, product and/or meal.

To Email

If you have decided to 'Email'.

You will be asked to select the required template from a list previously created.

The invoice will automatically be sent "with all details", and you must select the "include individual session details" check box for the full breakdown shown above.  

Clicking OK will email the invoice/s to the related bill payer.  A status confirmation will appear onscreen to inform you if this has been sent successfully or not.

For full detailed information on emailing invoices and how to configure emailing invoices, please see the help file "Emailing Invoices".