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Running a Fee Planner Invoice

Fee Planner invoices need to be processed separately to batch processed invoices. Please see the following steps which will guide you through processing Fee Planner invoices.


1) Within the 'Settings' > 'Configuration' screen, ensure you have at least one Fee Planner email address setup. This will be the email address the system will use to send an Excel CSV file containing all of your direct debit collection details and amounts.  This file will need to be verified and the confirmed file emailed back to Parenta.

Processing Fee Planner Invoices

Processing Fee Planner Invoices

Click "Finance" and click "Invoice".

1) Select 'Fee Planner'.

2) Select the date you would like to invoice sessions up to. You can change the month and/or year by clicking on the titles in the calendar box.

3) Select which of the options you would like to apply to your invoice:

a. Combine multiple invoices - this option is for non Fee Planner invoices only.  Fee Planner invoices will always combine.

b. Include remittance advice - adds a remittance advice slip to the bottom of the invoice.

c. Include brought forward balances - will include the child's current account balance on the invoice.

d. Include invoice extra - include any products from the child's extras screen.

4) Click on 'Calculate'. Children who have either a 'Fee Planner' invoice type and/or have a 'Feeplanner No' will be displayed.

Checking & Amending Collection Amount

1) To see a detailed breakdown on the invoice cost, click the magnifying glass.

2) To make any changes to the fee planner collection amount, select the invoice you would like to amend, type in the amount you would like us to collect from the parent (2) and click 'Amend'. The amended amount will be displayed within the 'Fee planner Collection' amount column against the selected invoice. Note this does not make any changes to the invoice cost, it simply tells us how much money you would like to be collected from the parent.

3) Select the invoice date you would like to be displayed.

4) Once you've made all of your changes, click 'Process'.

Once you click 'Process', your invoices will automatically be placed into a queue of invoices waiting to be processed. A CSV file containing all of the payments to be collected from parents will also be emailed to the specified email address within the 'Settings' > 'Configuration' screen. Once you're happy with the payments, please forward the CSV file to [email protected] so we can collect the payments.

If you click 'Yes' to the above message prompt, you'll be directed to the 'Today's Invoice' tab within 'Finance' where you can view the status, email or print your invoice.

If you click 'No' to the above message prompt, you'll be re-directed to the 'Invoice' home page whilst your invoice is automatically processed. You can check on the progress of your invoice being processed, by clicking on the 'Today's Invoice' tab within 'Finance'.

Invoice Process Status

Here you can see the status of your invoices being processed. All processed invoice requests are only displayed in the 'Today's Invoice' screen for the day you run the invoice.  

Completed - This means your invoices have successfully been processed.

Completed with a problem - This means there was an error processing your invoices.

In Progress - This means your invoices have started to be processed.

Pending - This will be the status of your invoices whilst they're waiting to be processed. You can stop the invoices from being processed by clicking on the red cross.

To view, email and print your processed invoices, click on the magnifying glass. If a Completed with a problem status is displayed, there are invoice(s) that have failed to be processed. Please click on the magnifying glass to find out which invoice(s) need re-processing.

Please note

It will not be possible to make changes within the following screens (pelase see below) until the invoices being processed have a status of Completed or Completed with a problem:

  • Children > Child Summary
  • Children > Child Sessions
  • Children > Child Accounts
  • Finance > Configuration
  • Finance > Quick Pay
  • Finance > Invoice
  • Settings > Nursery Holiday
  • Settings > Free Entitlement
  • Settings > Session Types
  • Settings > School Terms

Viewing, Printing and Emailing Invoices

Here you can view, print, and email your invoice. You can also see any invoices that could not be processed and need re-running.

1) You can filter the invoices to display only the "Emailed Invoices", "Printed Invoices", "Unemailed Invoices" or "Unprinted Invoices". By default, this will be set to display all invoices.

2) To view any invoices in more detail, click on the magnifying glass.

3) Click 'With All Details' if you would like to print a summarised breakdown of chargeable items.

4) If selected, now click 'include individual session details' if you would like to print an item by item detailed breakdown of each chargeable item.

1) When you email an invoice, a mail icon will be displayed next to the invoice to indicate it has been emailed.

2) When you print an invoice, a print icon will be displayed next to the invoice to indicate it has been printed.

This same information will be displayed within the Invoice Summary screen, another area where you can print and email existing invoices.  For more information on this, please see help file "Printing, Reprinting and Emailing Invoices".