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Invoicing One Child

If you need to produce an invoice for just one child, or a parent asks for an invoice at a different time than everyone else, you can create a child specific invoice.

Finance Menu

Finance Menu

Click "Finance" and click "Invoice".

Selecting an Invoice

1) Select 'Child Specific'.

2) Select whether you want to search the invoices 'By Account Type', 'By Room' or 'By Primary Carer'.

3) If 'Account Type', pick the Account Type the child is on and the period you want to invoice for.

4) Choose which of the options you would like to apply to your invoice:

a. 'Combine multiple invoice' - will pick up all previously un invoiced sessions and products and put within the same invoice.  Unchecking this will still invoice all un invoiced sessions and products, but create an invoice per period.

b. 'Include remittance advice - adds a remittance advice slip to the bottom of the invoice.

c. 'Include brought forward balances' - will display the child's current account balance on the invoice, giving an overall payable amount.

d. 'Include invoice extra' - will pick up and invoice any products purchased from the child's extras screen.

5) Click on 'Search'.

Viewing an Invoice

Click on the binoculars next to the child's invoice you would like to process, to view all invoices available for processing for the criteria selected.

Preview of Child's Invoice

Here you can see a preview of the child's invoice, where you can check the invoice values.

1) To see a more detailed breakdown, click on the plus sign, (which will turn into a minus sign once clicked on) then the magnifying glass.

2) Once you are happy the invoice is correct, enter the 'Invoice Date' you would like to appear on the generated invoice.

3) Click 'Process' to generate the invoice.

4) Click 'Close' if you do not wish to continue and process this invoice.

Processing an Invoice

Processing an Invoice

Once you click 'Process', your invoice will automatically be placed into a queue of invoices waiting to be processed.

If you click 'Yes', you'll be directed to the 'Today's Invoice' tab within 'Finance' where you can view the status and have the option to email or print your invoice.

If you click 'No', you'll be re-directed to the 'Invoice' home page whilst your invoice continues to be processed. You can check on the progress of your invoice being processed by clicking on the 'Invoice Process Status' tab within 'Finance'.

Invoice Process Status

Here you can see the status of your invoice being processed. All invoice process requests are displayed in the 'Invoice Process Status' screen.  They will remain here for the day you processed the invoice only.  

Completed - This means your invoice has successfully been processed.

Completed with a problem - This means there was an error processing your invoice.

In Progress - This means your invoice has started to be processed.

Pending - This will be the status of your invoice whilst it's waiting to be processed. You can stop the invoices from being processed by clicking on the red cross.  

Once your invoicing has been Completed you can click on this magnifying glass to view, print or email these invoices.  See the below step named "Viewing, Printing and Emailing Invoices" for further instructions.

If a Completed with a problem status is displayed, the invoice has failed to be processed. Please click on the magnifying glass to view the invoice that needs to be re-processed.

Please note

For any child who has invoicing being run, it will not be possible to make changes within the following screens (see below) until the invoices being processed have a status of Completed or Completed with a problem.

Children > Child Summary

Children > Child Sessions

Children > Child Accounts

Finance > Configuration

Finance > Quick Pay

Finance > Invoice

Settings > Nursery Holiday

Settings > Free Entitlement

Settings > Session Types

Settings > School Terms

Viewing, Printing and Emailing Invoices

To view, email or print your processed invoice, click on the magnifying glass in the 'Today's Invoice' tab.

1) You can filter the invoices to display only the 'Emailed Invoices', 'Printed Invoices', 'Unemailed Invoices' or 'Unprinted Invoices. By default, this will be set to display all invoices.

2) To view any invoice/s in more detail, click on the magnifying glass next to the chosen invoice.

3) Click 'With All Details' if you would like to print a summarised breakdown of chargeable items.

4) If selected, now click 'include individual session details' if you would like to print an item by item detailed breakdown of each chargeable item.

5) If you wish to abandon this screen, please click the 'Close' button.

1) When you email an invoice, a mail icon will be displayed next to the invoice to indicate it has been emailed.

2) When you print an invoice, a print icon will be displayed next to the invoice to indicate it has been printed.

This information will also be shown in the Invoice Summary screen.

Please see the help file named "Printing, Re Printing and Emailing Invoices" for how to do this at any time from the Invoice Summary screen.