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Running a Batch of Invoices

Getting your invoices out to parent's can take a long time if you have to type each invoice out manually; however on Abacus you can run all your invoices in one batch, and email or print them for all parents.

Finance Menu

Finance Menu

Go to the "Finance" symbol and click "Invoice".

Invoice Selection

1) Select 'Batch Process'.

2) Select whether you want to run the invoices by 'All Accounts', 'Account Type' or 'Room'.

3) If you choose 'All Accounts', pick the date you want to invoice up to by clicking on the calendar. You can change the month or year by clicking on the titles in the calendar box.

4) Choose which of the boxes you would like to be ticked:

a. 'Combine multiple invoice' - will pick up all previously un invoiced sessions/products and display them in the same invoice. Unchecking this will still invoice previous uninvoiced sessions/products, but produce an invoice for each period they fall into based on their purchase or session date.

b. 'Include remittance advice' - adds a remittance advice slip to the bottom of the invoice.

c. 'Include brought forward balances' - will include the child's current account balance on the invoice, and give an overall payable amount to the receiver.

d. 'Include invoice extra' - will include any purchased products from the child's extras screen into the invoice.

5) Click on 'Calculate'.

Previewing Invoice

This is a list of all your preview invoices.  At this stage no invoices have been produced, but this is your opportunity to review each proposed invoice before deciding to go ahead and create the actual invoices.

1) To look into the details of the invoice click on the plus sign for more information, then on the magnifying glass to get a complete breakdown of all elements.

2) If you wish to exclude any invoices from being processed, simply un-tick the box next to the date of the invoices you wish to exclude. This invoice will not be processed.

3) Once you're happy with the invoice values, enter the invoice date you wish to appear on the invoices.

4) Click 'Process' to generate your invoices.

Processing an Invoice

Processing an Invoice

Once you click 'Process', your invoices will automatically be placed into a queue of invoices waiting to be processed.

If you click 'Yes', you'll be directed to the 'Today's Invoice' tab within 'Finance' where you can check the status of your invoices being processed. You will also be able to view, print and email your invoices. See the 'Today's Invoice' section below for more information.

If you click 'No', you'll be re-directed to the 'Invoice' home page whilst your invoices are processed. You can check on the progress of your invoices being processed, by clicking on the 'Today's Invoice' tab within 'Finance'.

Invoice Process Status

Here you can see the status of your invoices being processed. All processed invoice requests are only displayed in the 'Today's Invoice' screen for the day you run the invoice.  

Completed - This means your invoices have successfully been processed.

Completed with a problem - This means there was an error processing your invoices.

In Progress - This means your invoices have started to be processed.

Pending - This will be the status of your invoices whilst they're waiting to be processed. You can stop the invoices from being processed by clicking on the red cross.

To view, email and print your processed invoices, click on the magnifying glass. If a Completed with a problem status is displayed, there are invoice(s) that have failed to be processed. Please click on the magnifying glass to find out which invoice(s) need re-processing.

Please note

It will not be possible to make changes within the following screens (please see below) until the invoices being processed have a status of Completed or Completed with a problem:

  • Children > Child Summary
  • Children > Child Sessions
  • Children > Child Accounts
  • Finance > Configuration
  • Finance > Quick Pay
  • Finance > Invoice
  • Settings > Nursery Holiday
  • Settings > Free Entitlement
  • Settings > Session Types
  • Settings > School Terms

Viewing, Printing and Emailing Invoices

Here you can view, print, and email your invoices. You can also see any invoices that could not be processed and need re-running.

1) You can filter the invoices to display only the 'Emailed Invoices', 'Printed Invoices', 'Unemailed Invoices' or 'Unprinted Invoices'. By default, this will be set to display all invoices.

2) To view any invoices in more detail, click on the magnifying glass next to the chosen invoice.

3) Click 'With All Details' if you would like to print a summarised breakdown of chargeable items.

4) If selected, now click 'include individual session details' if you would like to print an item by item detailed breakdown of each chargeable item.

5) Click either the 'Email' or 'Print' button depending on how you want to send the invoices.

For the step by step details on how to print or email your invoices, please see help file "Printing, Reprinting  and Emailing Invoices".

1) When you email an invoice, a mail icon will be displayed next to the invoice to indicate it has been emailed.

2) When you print an invoice, a print icon will be displayed next to the invoice to indicate it has been printed.

This same information will be displayed within the Invoice Summary screen, another area where you can print and email existing invoices.  For more information on this, please see help file "Printing, Reprinting and Emailing Invoices".