Mail Merge

Abacus can create personalised letters and emails for carer's, based on the information held within the system. This saves you identifying and typing out individual letters for every child.

Click the green 'Reports' icon and within the 'Reports Menu', click on 'Mail Merge'.

This is an example letter to send to parents:

1. Type the name of your letter.

2. Start typing your letter.

3. You can customise your letter by choosing fields from the drop down box, which you can put into the letter.  When sent to parents these will populate with the relevant data.

4. Choose the parents who need a copy of the letter or see below to select criteria for specific people to receive the Mail Merge.

5. Click Email or Mail Merge.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have more than one child associated to a carer, as the letters are sent per child, you may see an email address appear in the list more than once.  This is not a duplicate, but more than one child's letter going to the same carer.

Select criteria - to mail merge to set people

Select criteria - to mail merge to set people

1. Click on Recipients.

1. Choose whether it is filtering All Carers, Primary Carers, Bill Payers or Emergency Contacts.

You can then go through and pick the criteria you want for the people receiving the Mail Merge.


If you have an outbreak of chicken pox, for example, you can choose to just send the letter to children who haven't been immunised by looking in the immunisations box and choosing the criteria.

You can also send Mail Merge to children who are all leaving at a set date by going to leaving dates.

2. Once you have chosen the criteria you want to send, go back and click on Letter Details.