Staff Rotas

When you enter your staff shifts on Abacus you can then print off a rota each week, making it a quick process to get your rota out on time!

There are two types of rota to choose from below.

Go to the green 'Report' screen and then 'Report Menu'.

Go to the 'Staff Menu' and you then have two rotas - 'Detailed Staff Rota' and 'Staff Shift Summary'.

Detailed staff rota

This report looks at the number of children booked against how many staff are required and actually scheduled to work.  It distinguishes between 'Qualified' and 'Unqualified' by showing the name of those unqualified in red.

Staff shift summary

Staff shift summary

This is a weekly rota of staff and which room and times they are in the nursery each day, designed for the staff room wall.