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Free Entitlement Hourly Headcount Report

The hourly Free Entitlement Head Count report will give you the ability to see all registered children's name, address, gender and Free Entitlement hours booked for a selected term.

This report can be found within the Reports > Finance section of your system.

Running the report

Running the report

1. Select all age children, or a specific age group.

2. Select the Free Entitlement term you wish to run the report for.

3. Select if you wish to show the data alphabetically by first name, or chronologically by date of birth.

4. Click "GO"!

Viewing the report

Viewing the report

This report can be exported to PDF using the "Export" option at the top of the screen.

  • The #Hours column will display the total number of Free Entitlement hours each child has booked.
  • The Total Term Entitlement column will display the total hours of entitlement the child is set as eligable to receive.
  • The Total Free Entitlement for Term will display the sum value of all the childrens entitled hours.