Revenue Report

This report will run to display all invoices and credits created, related or unrelated, between two chosen dates to provide revenue totals.

Running the Report

Running the Report

The Revenue Report can be found within Reports > Finance.  The following options are available to sort and/or filter the information you require:

Created Date: Running the report by this will display invoices and credits which were created within the date range chosen.

Document Date: Running the report by this will display invoices and credits by the date shown on the invoice/credit.

Invoices & Credits: Click to display invoices, credits, or invoices and credits.

From & To Dates:  The date range for the information to display between and inclusive of.

Display Document Create Date: This will display the date each document was actually created, which could be different to the date you chose for it to display.

Child Status: The status of the children you wish to include.

Rooms: Choose to filter by a selection of, or view all rooms. Each child's information will then appear in the room they are in today as per the room shown in their Child Summary page.

Sort Options:  The following options are available to sort your report - alphabetically by child surname, child first name, numerically by child account number, chronologically by document date, or numerically by document number.

TOP TIP: The report will remember the options you have selected for the next time you log into this report - but only if you are on the same machine!

Revenue Report Explained

Revenue Report Explained

Once run, the following columns of information will be displayed:

Child Name: The child's first name and surname.

Account Number: The child's unique account number.

Type: Displays if the rows information is an invoice (Inv) or credit note (Cr).

Document Number: The invoice or credit notes unique document number.

Document Date: The invoice or credit notes date as displayed on the child's account screen (as chosen by you upon creating).

Document Created Date: Displays the actual date the invoice/credit note was physically created.

Related Type: Any related invoice.

Related Document Number: Displays any invoice number related to a credit.

Related Document Date: The related documents date as shown on the child's account screen.

Invoice Section

Sales: The sum of all chargeable items within the invoice.

LEA Reclaim Value: The value to claim back from the LEA.

Total Sales including LEA Reclaim Value: The sum Sales and the LEA Reclaim value.

Discounts: Total discount value of the invoice.

Revenue: Sum of "Total sales including LEA Reclaim Value" minus "Discounts".

Credit Section

Credits: The sum of all chargeable items from the invoice credited.

LEA Reclaims Value: The value to claim back from the LEA credited.

Discounts: Total discounts value for the invoice credited.

Credit Total: The credit document total.

Totals Section

Total Sales: The sum total of all sales.

Total Credit Notes: The sum total of all credit notes.

Total Revenue: RevenueTotal minus Total Credits.

Additional Information:

  • Sort By Room - As children can be in many rooms throughout a month, the report can not strictly split invoicing (revenue) by room.  Therefore, please be aware each time this report is run, each child's account information will be displayed within the room they are in today/their last allocated room.  This room is displayed within the child's summary page of Abacus.
  • Multi Bill Payers - Any child with multi bill payers will display within one row, all payers combined, displaying the combined invoice value for the child.  The document number column will display the range of the documents which refer to the total invoice value e.g. see above child Jasmin Jones.
  • LEA Reclaim Value - This value is entered within the relevant Free Entitlement term in Settings> Free Entitlement.  This value is stored against the invoice at the point of processing, ensuring the correct value is always used against each invoice for reporting.