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Detailed Invoice Summary Report

By invoice date, this report will display details of invoices run for the period selected; displaying their content and total value, payment and balance information of these invoices.

Running the Report - by month & year

Running the Report - by month & year
  1. Choosing the option "Month and Year" will give you the option to choose a month and year to run the report for.
  2. You can then choose to group the information by child or by adult.

Running the Report - by Range

Running the Report - by Range

Choosing the "Range", you will be given the option to run the report by the following:

By Invoice Date:  This will display all invoices and related information based on any invoices whose date falls within the date range selected.

By Invoice Period: This will display all invoices whose invoice period falls within the date range selected.

PLEASE REMEMBER: Invoices can not be split and so if you are running the report by invoice period, and that invoice contains sessions from the previous period, these will also be included.

Report Explained

Report Explained

Once exported, the report will display in landscape.

Child Name: The child's first and surname.

Bill Payers Name:  The child's bill payer.  (If there is more than one then they will appear on seperate lines and state what their payment percentage is)

Adult Name: The primary carers name.

Opening Balance: The child's opening balance.

Regular Sessions: The regular sessions value.

Extra Sessions: The extra sessions value.

Late Fees: The value of late fees.

Meals: The value of the meals.

Products: The value of the products.

Discount: The total discount.

Grant Funding: Any NEG applied.

Total:  The total sum of the invoice.

Payments: The sum of any payments made against the invoice, regardless of date.

Balance: The balance outstanding of the invoice.