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Carer Information

Within the carer details in Abacus you can configure a list of check boxes to your needs at the nursery to give you information on the carers. This help file will show you how to add the check boxes and then run reports on the information.

To add your check boxes

To add your check boxes

Click on 'Settings' and then on 'Data Lists'.

1) Click on carer information from the drop down box.

Abacus currently has default options in here, you can change them.

2) Click the edit pencil to edit current check boxes.

3) Delete the ones the you don't need at your setting.

To add new options:

4) Click the green plus sign.

5) Type the title of the Check Box.

6) Click Save.

To tick these on the carers accounts

To tick these on the carers accounts

Click on the 'Families' icon and then click 'Families'.

1) Click the edit pencil.

1) Click on Carer Details.

2) Tick the boxes that apply to that carer.

3) Click Save.

To run a report on this information

To run a report on this information

Click on 'Reports' and on 'Report Menu'.

Click on 'Family Status Report'.

1) Click whether you wish to show all information or just select and then pick which areas you wish to see.

2) Click all children or selected children.

3) Choose the date to run the report for.

4) Click on whether you want the report to show these areas.

5) Click Go.