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Adding and Converting Enquiries

In Abacus you can add enquiries for childcare places at your nursery and mark them as converted or lost with the reasons why they were successful or un-successful. You can then run many enquiry reports - including an enquiry conversion report, so you can monitor your conversion rates.

Go to the 'Family' icon and choose 'Enquiries'.

Add a new enquiry

Add a new enquiry

Click on the green plus sign to open a new enquiry screen.

Add details

Add details

Enter information into as many of the fields as you can - those marked with an asterix are mandatory.

1) If you would like to check your current occupancy levels, click 'Occupancy' - which will open the 'Occupancy AM/PM Report By Room' report in a new window.

2) If you would like to export the enquiry to Excel or CSV format, click 'Export'

3) Once you have finished, click 'Save'.

The family is now on the system as an enquiry.

Converting an enquiry to a registered family or lost enquiry.

Converting an enquiry to a registered family or lost enquiry.

1) Select the family you wish to convert.

2) Click the 'Convert' symbol.

3) Choose whether it is a 'Converted' or 'Lost' enquiry.

4) Add in the Date, Reason for Success or Reason for Failure  (you can add more reasons in Settings>Data Lists).

5) Click 'Process'.

If this is a converted enquiry, a new family will now be created, retaining all of the information captured so far.

Related reports

Related reports

Click on 'Reports' > 'Report Menu'.

Select Enquiry from the Report Types.  

Outstanding Enquiries - Shows all live enquiries with the enquiry date and source as well as the carer's name and contact details.

Enquiry Source -Shows the number of enquiries from each of your enquiry sources for a chosen time period.

Booking Source- Shows the source of all bookings (successfully converted enquiries) for a chosen time period.

Enquiry Conversion Report- Shows all enquiries for a chosen time period with the number of show rounds, number converted and lost. These figures are also shown as a percentage.

Lost Enquiries- Shows the total number of lost enquiries for any given period, with the reason why each enquiry was lost.