Adding Carers

This is how to add another carer to a child in a family.  Remember that Abacus is very flexible and allows you to add different carers to different siblings, so if the same additional carer applies to two siblings, you will need to add the carer twice.  It's easy to do though.

Adding a carer

Adding a carer

1) When you are on the families page click on Add/Pick Carer.

2) Add a carer if it is a new carer on the system.  Pick a carer if the carer is already on Abacus.

Carer details

Carer details

Fill in as many fields as possible - fields with an astrix must be filled in.

Some things to note -

1) If the carer is the Doctor always type the relationship as DOCTOR and s/he will appear on the child’s screen in green, signifying doctor.

2) Salutation - The name you want the carer to be referred to on correspondence - e.g. Mr J Smith or MS Witlshire

3) Ticking these boxes makes the number an emergency contact number.

4) Add a photo to the carers account for identification reasons.

5) Here you can add extra information to the carer.

6) Click Save.

The carer is now saved on the child’s account.