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Adding a Sibling

Abacus is very flexible and only loosely groups siblings into a family.  This allows for the often complicated structure of a modern family, where siblings can have different parents and therefore different emergency contacts, bill payers, doctors etc.  Here's how to add a sibling to a Family.

Select the relevant family

Select the relevant family

Go to the family you need to add the sibling onto and click on "Add Child".

Add information

Add information

Enter as much information as you can, considering the following:

1) The relationship the child has with the main carer.

2) The name the child is known by, even if it is the same as their first name. Don't leave this blank.

3) The leave date will automatically be calculated - you can always change this for individual children.

4) Select a key person for the child.

5) These routes relate to school runs if you offer this service.

6) You can add general or sibling discounts. These can be by a fixed amount or percentage and it can be applied to different elements of a child's invoice.

7) This defines how the child will be invoiced.

8) This is used for our fee planner service where we collect the children’s fees on your behalf. If you want more information on this, please see the What is Fee Planner page.

9) Any other notes for this child can be put in the child notes box.

You can now click "More" to add additional information (see below), or you can click "Save" to add the sibling.

More information

More information

1) Here you can add extra information for the child, by selecting the relevant option within the drop down boxes. If the option you're looking for doesn't exist in the drop down box, you can add the option within Settings > Data Lists. See 'Data Lists'.

2) Click on the calendars to add the dates. There is no strict definition of Registration or Contract, but they are there to keep track of when you received important contractual documents.

3) Here you can fill in any court order or social services information

4) Here you can put in a deposit for a child on the system - this will not affect the child’s account balance, it is just for your records.

5) An opening balance can be put on the child’s account as the amount they currently owe or you owe them (by putting a minus in front of it) at the time they are put onto Abacus.

You can now click "Save" to add your sibling.

NOTE - Additional carers are not automatically added to a sibling

NOTE - Additional carers are not automatically added to a sibling

The system does not presume that siblings have the same carers. You will see the arrow is pointing to a red line around Emma which means her carers are showing above. If you double click on Daniel, he will not automatically have the same carers.

When Daniel has the red border, his carers are displayed above.  You can add new carers or pick the same carers as Emma by choosing 'Add/Pick Carer'.  See 'Adding Carers' for more help.