Activities Page

A child's various activities can be added to Dayshare.  These can be added singularly, to a selection of, or against all children!

Viewing Activities

You can view activities which have been added so far to child/ren in Dayshare by selecting the room/s you wish to view, and even filter further by all or a particular activity.

Creating a new activity

You first need to create a template.  This is done within the More icon, and then Settings.

Within here you can create your activity template/s to use when adding activities to children.

1. Enter an activity template name e.g. Outdoor Play.

2. Enter the activity template description e.g. Playing in the garden.

3. Click the plus icon to save.

Editing an Activity template

To edit an activity template, this can be completed by clicking on the More icon, then Settings.

1. Select the edit pencil next to the template you wish to edit.

2. The details will appear in the activity template title and description to be amended.

3. Click save.

Click the cross icon under the save to cancel this action.

Deleting and reactivating an activity template

To delete or reactivate an activity template, this can be completed by clicking on the More icon, then Settings.

To delete an activity, simply select the trash can next to the activity you wish to delete.  This will move the activity template into the Deleted Activities section.  

To reactivate a deleted activity, select "Deleted Activities" to see all previously deleted, and select the reactivate icon next to the activity you wish to have available for selection once more.

Assigning activities to children

When you first go into the activities screen, you will be guided to click the plus icon next to the showing activity drop box.  This is how you first choose the activity you wish to assign!

1. Select an activity template from the Template drop field.  The name and description previously saved will be displayed.

2. You can amend the name and/or description at this point if you wish.

3. Update the start and end time and click save!

This is now ready to be assigned against the child/ren.

With the activity displayed, click on the plus icon against each child you wish to add to the activity from the "Children Not Included" list.  Click the plus icon in the Children not included header to assign the activity against all children.

You can change any start or end time for each child's activity by simply clicking on it, and a photo, or even add an individual note to the activity!

Adding images to activities

If you wish to add a photo to share the moment you can click the camera next to the individual child, or for a group photo, you can allocate to all by uploading the photo in the header against the activity.  Any child with this activity assigned will then also be assigned this photo.  The photo will then be sent as an attachment to the Dayshare email!

Editing and deleting activities against children

To edit an activity, simply select the time to amend, or overwrite the comments.

To delete an activity, select the trash can next to the activity you wish to delete.