Children Page

Within this section you can view childrens allergies, permissions, dietary requirements and medical notes.  You are able to add a comment against a child or all children, email a child or all children, as well as see all events logged against a child so far for that day!

Viewing a childs day so far...

By selecting a child you are able to see all details added to the child that day.  This can act as a preview to the email before you decide to send to make sure it contains all the information you wish to share with their carer/s.

Allergies, Dietary, Medical and Permissions

Within the Children screen, you will be able to see instantly any child booked in that day who has an allergy, dietary requirement, medical condition or permission logged within your Abacus system.

If any of these contain information within Abacus, a symbol will appear under each header for the child.  To view the detail held, simply select the icon to reveal the detail.

Adding comments

A comment can be made against a specific child or for all children.  This could be used for a specific observation you wish for the carer to be aware of, maybe an achievement you wish to share, or a comment against all children to make them aware of any closures, up and coming trips/adventures, parents evenings or even payment due dates!

To add a comment to a childs Dayshare report:

  1. Select the comment icon next to a child for an individual comment or;
  2. Select the comment icon in the header to make a comment for all children.
  3. Give the comment a title.
  4. Detail the comment.
  5. Attach a photo or file.
  6. And save!

Emailing Dayshare

You can email the child's day to all of the carers at the same time at the end of the day, or to specific children individually.

To email Dayshare:

1. Select the email icon next to the child to email Dayshare to an individual child.

2. Select the email icon in the header to email a selection or all Dayshares. A new window will appear.

3. Filter the carer records you wish to select here:

        - Parental Responsibility - Primary: All Primary Carers with Parental Responsibility.

        - Parental Responsibility - Additional: All carers who have Parental Responsibility but are not the primary carer

        - No Parental Responsibility - Primary: All Primary Carers who do not have Parental Responsibility.

        - No Parental Responsibility - Additional: All carers that are not the Primary Carer, and do not have Parental Responsibility

4. Using the select carers drop box, select the carers you wish to send the email to.

5. Enter an email subject - this is compulsory.

6. If you wish, within Email Description, enter text which will appear in the emails content.

7. Select the "Include daily activity" box to attach Dayshare to the email.

8. If you wish to attach any other documents to the email, select "Choose File", browse and attach the relevant file.

9. Select "Send Email".

To send an email with an attachment without the Dayshare report, follow the above instructions, leaving out point 6.  You may wish to use this for permission forms, child update forms, newsletters, new menus and much more!


The child's day can be emailed multiple times throughout the day, giving the carer the most up to date information about their childs day.  Each Dayshare report sent is saved to the child's summary page in Abacus, and is also available to parents via your Parent Portal system.  

For more information on our Parent Portal system, enabling parents to have read only information on their child as well as communicate to you, please call our Sales department on 0844 504 5504.

Emailing with attachments

You can send emails to the carers through Dayshare without sending the Dayshare report, and attachments can even be added!

You may find this useful for sending permission forms, requesting updates to childrens information, newsletters, parents evening, feedback forms, menus and much more!

To send an email with an attachment without the Dayshare report, follow the above instructions within "Emailing Dayshare", leaving out point 6.  

Amending and emailing past information

You can amend and email any past information within Dayshare for a child.

This is not done any differently to updating, adding or deleting information for today - just choose your date in the top right of the screen and carry on as normal!

Information can be changed for the past, and added in the future if you wish to prep.

Please remember to change this date back to today once you have finished to avoid any possible mistakes!

TOP TIP: To help you, the date will appear red in colour when the date you are viewing and amending is any other date that is not today.