Register Page

Within the register page you can mark children as in, out or absent, change the time they arrived or left, and even note who dropped off and picked up the child each day!

Marking children in and out

Children can be marked in and out of your setting by selecting the relevant check boxes next to each child.

Selecting the box in the header will mark all children.

Actual arrival and departure times

You are also able to update the times children actually arrived/left your setting.  This can be done automatically or manually.


To manually update a child's arrival/leave time, simply click on the time you wish to change, and amend to the actual time they arrived/left.  The way the time function displays will be dependant on the device you are using.  NB: The child must be set as "In" to change the time the child arrived, and "Out" to change the time they left.


You can set your system to automatically update the in or out times each time you mark a child as in or out.  The time will be changed to the physical time you selected the child/ren as in or out.  This option can be selected within the More > Settings screen of Dayshare.


If you change the times a child arrived/left, these times will not be filtered through to your Abacus system and are for your reference only.

Marking a child as absent

Children can be marked as absent from the setting by selecting the box in the absent column next to the relevant child.


  • A child can only be absent for an entire session, and therefore a child can only be marked as absent if they have not been marked as in.  If a child goes home midway through a day, you do not mark them as absent, but simply change their time out to reflect this.
  • Marking a child as absent will remove them from all other pages so activities and meals etc are not entered against the child in error.  You will also notice you will be unable to change the time in, out or drop offs and pick ups.

Pick ups and drop offs

Assigning existing carers as Pick Up's/Drop Off's

You are able to mark who dropped off and picked up a child within Dayshare.

  • Select the relevant pick up or drop off button. NB: The child must be marked in or out to use this.
  • Within the new window, choose an existing carer from the list.
  • Select "Assign Carer" to save.

The carer assigned will now appear instead of the Select button.

Creating a new carer for Pick Up/Drop Off

If the carer you wish to assign is not in the list, then they are not a carer in your Abacus system for this child.  If they are to be a regular, please add the carer in Abacus and then use to assign them in Dayshare.  If they are not going to be regular, you can add a new carer as a pick up or drop off.  This will not save in your Abacus system, but will be available for just today on that child.

  • Select the relevant pick up or drop off button. NB: The child must be marked in or out to use this.
  • Within the new window, select "Add Carer".
  • Enter the carers first name, last name and their relationship to the child. Click save.
  • Select the carer and click "Assign Carer" to save.

Please note: This new carer will not save within your Abacus system, but just be available for use today.  If you wish to repeatedly use this carer, please add them as a carer to the child in Abacus.

To edit a chosen pick up or drop off, click the pick up/drop off name and follow the above instructions.