Abacus Help Files DayshareSearching for & sorting children/information

Searching for & sorting children/information

You can search for specific children, as well as sort children alphabetically by first name/known name, or even by start or end time on your screen!

TIP: If you would like to see the known name of each child instead of their first name, this can be switched by selecting the More icon, and then Settings within Dayshare.

Search for a child

To search for a specific child:

  1. Click in the search by child name box and start typing the childs name.  You will see the children filtering on screen who match your entry.
  2. To clear your search, simply delete the name out of the search box.

Sorting children/information

To sort your information:

  1. Click on any header and this will sort the information ascending or descending.  
  2. To change the order, just click again!