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Choosing dates & filter by room

Within Dayshare you are able to filter your rooms to only show children in a particular, selection of, or all of your rooms.  You can also choose the date you wish to view - past, present or future!



  1. By default you will always be shown information on todays date, but this can be changed to a past or future date if you wish.  By changing the date, information can be viewed, added or edited, and you can resend any child's information from any required date.
  2. By clicking the room drop down you will be able to choose one, a selection of, or all rooms within your setting.  This will populate your system with all children booked in the room/s for the date selected.


  • Dayshare will always remember your last room selection.
  • If you are viewing a date other than today, the date will also appear red in colour to warn you of this.