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How to Add a Secondary Bill Payer

If a child needs more than one bill payer, or someone other than the primary carer pays the bill, here is how to add a secondary bill payer.

Click on the yellow 'Children' icon and then on the 'Accounts' tab.

1) Click on the Bill Payer tab.

2) Then click on the symbol to amend bill payers.

1) Choose the carer you would like to make bill payer.

2) Pick whether it's a Fixed Amount or a Percentage of the bill they should pay.

3) Enter the Amount.

4) Press the green plus sign.

5) The new bill payer will appear.

6) Press Save.

All bill payers will now appear on the bill payer screen.

NOTE: Abacus will produce a separate invoice for each bill payer. The primary bill payer will always be asked to pay the balance after taking secondary bill payers into consideration.