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A Child's Account Screen

An explanation of the key features in the Child Accounts Screen.

Go to the yellow 'Children' icon and click on 'Accounts'.

1) Account Information:

Balance - Refers to the balance of the child’s account after all invoices and all payments are taken into consideration.

Account number - A unique individual reference number.

Deposit Amount - The amount of deposit that is held for the child.

Spend - This is the value of all the invoices added together to give you a total spend to date.

Fee Planner No - If you use our Fee Planner service this is the child’s unique number.

2) Summary Information:

Invoice type - The child's invoice type at a glance.

Aged Debt - The number of days since the oldest invoice with an outstanding payment was created.

Last Invoice- The date of the last unpaid invoice on the system

Flat Rate Charge - A figure to invoice each time, regardless of the cost of services incurred. This will override all charges.

Sibling or General Discount - An amount or a percentage being discounted against some or all costs.

Term Time Booking - A quick check to see if the child is a term time only child.

3) History Screen

This is the complete account history of a child - all payments, credit notes and invoices are displayed here. By default, the transactions will be sorted by 'Date', with the latest transactions displayed from top to bottom along with the child's running balance. The order of the transactions can be sorted in reverse order (oldest to latest) by clicking on ‘Date’. This will also sort the running Balance from oldest to latest. Note, if the transactions are sorted by any other column, i.e. by 'Type', the running balance values will not be displayed.