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Editing Bespoke Fees

A bespoke session is a session you create "on the fly".  

As the cost for any bespoke session is entered at the time you create the session, this is not available to be updated automatically in the same way as a session type is.

To update any bespoke sessions cost you will need to delete the incorrectly priced bespoke sessions, and reschedule the bespoke session with the new cost against the child.  

Deleting the existing bespoke session

Before you can book the correctly priced bespoke session you must follow the below steps to delete the incorrectly priced existing session:

Go into Children > Sessions > Edit > Regular booking pattern.

  1. Change the start and end date for the period of time you need to change the cost of the existing bespoke session.
  2. Left click the bespoke session you need to update and click "Delete" from the selection shown.

The bespoke session will be deleted.

Following the above for each incorrectly priced bespoke session for this child before moving onto the next step below.

Rescheduling a bespoke session

Now you have deleted the incorrectly priced bespoke session you are free to reschedule the session with the correct cost.  The same steps for re-booking a bespoke session pattern should now be followed:

  1. Making sure the start and end dates are still correct, untick the "Use Stored Session" check box.  This will activate the right hand side of the screen.
  2. Select the start and end time for the session.
  3. Select which meals you wish to attach to the session.
  4. Check the charges shown for each age group within the "Custom" column fields and adjust where required.  If you charge on an hourly basis then select the "Hourly Rate" check box to activate the hourly column.
  5. Click on the day of the week you wish to add this session to.
  6. Follow steps 2 to 5 for each bespoke session required to be entered, and then click next to check your room movements before saving.

All these sessions booked will be charged at the rate entered.