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Editing a Regular Booking Pattern

How to edit a child's regular booking pattern.

Go to the yellow 'Children' icon and click on 'Sessions'.

Click on 'Edit' and then 'Regular Booking Pattern'.

1) Change the relevant date box to amend the start or end date.

2) Click the session bar to delete the session.

You can then re-book their new pattern.  For help on booking sessions see - 'how to add a regular booking pattern'.

Check room movements

Check room movements

Once you press next you need to check the child's room movements are as required.  This is calculated according to the system configuration but you can change the dates or rooms according to a child's individual needs.

1) and 2) Change the start and end dates they are in each room. Note that the system will automatically correct other dates to ensure there is never a gap between rooms.

3) Change the relevant room.

4) Then press Save.

Your new pattern is now booked.

For more information about how room movements are calculated, please see the Room Movements help file.

If you have opted out of automated room movements, you will be asked to select a room.  To add your own room movements, click the green plus symbol to create additional lines.