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How to Add a Rotational Booking Pattern

Sometimes a child's booking pattern needs to be changed regularly to accommodate parents shift patterns or similar.  Abacus can book up to 4 different weekly patterns and rotate these weeks between any two chosen dates.

Go to the yellow 'Children' icon and click on 'Sessions'.

Click on the 'Schedule' drop down and choose 'Regular Booking Pattern'.

Put in the start week commencing date that the child begins these sessions at the nursery. This will default to the current week for the start date, and the actual child’s leave date for the end date.

1) Pick the number of weeks the child's rotation is for.

2) Those weeks will then become activated for booking sessions.

Put the full pattern the child does on the first week of rotation, then put the full pattern the child does the next week, and so on up to 4 weeks.

Make sure you have put all the sessions in for each of the weeks that their rotation lasts.

3) Then press Next.

Check room movements

Check room movements

Once you press Next you need to check the child's room movements are as required.  This is calculated according to the system configuration, but the dates or rooms can be changed at any time according to a child's individual needs.

1) and 2) Change the start and end dates they are in each room. Note that the system will automatically correct other date to ensure there is never a gap between rooms.

3) Change the relevant room.

4) Then press Save.

If you have opted out of automated room movements then you will be asked to select the room.  If you wish to create additional room movements, click the green plus symbol to add more lines.

Booked pattern

Booked pattern

You will then see the child’s pattern is booked on their session page in blue lines. This means the sessions are part of a regular booking pattern. If you click through the weeks by choosing a different week on the calendar shown, you will see the pattern going through the rotation.