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How to Add a Regular Booking Pattern

The child's regular booking pattern is the most important element of Abacus.  It is what drives most of the invoicing, occupancy, registers and staff planning. Here's how to add a simple booking pattern.

Go to the yellow 'Children' icon and click on Sessions, or select the sessions tab from the relevant child screen.

Click on the 'Schedule' drop down and choose 'Regular Booking Pattern'.

Put in the start week commencing date that the child session are to begin.  This defaults to the current week.

A stored session pattern

A stored session pattern

1) Pick from the drop down list the session type you would like to book for the child.

2) Click on the day of the week that the child does this session - a blue line will appear on the rota.

3) Do this for all sessions the child does in a week and then press next.


A bespoke session

A bespoke session

If the child is doing a bespoke session type that is not on your regular sessions list:

1) Untick the Use Stored Session.

2) Pick the start and end time for the session.

3) Tick which meals are included in the session.

4) Make sure your costs are correct for each age group.

5) Click on the day of the week these sessions are required.

6) Do this for all sessions the child does in a week and then press Next.

Check room movements

Check room movements

Once you press Next you need to check the child's room movements are as required.  This is calculated according to the system configuration but you can change the dates or rooms according to a child's individual needs.

1) and 2) Change the start and end dates they are in each room. Note that the system will automatically correct the other date to ensure there is never a gap between rooms.

3) Change the relevant room.

4) Then press 'Save'.

If you have opted out of automated room movements, you will be asked to select a room and create your own room movements.  Additional lines can be add by clicking the green plus symbol.

Booked pattern

Booked pattern

You will then see the child's pattern is booked on their session page in blue lines, representing a regular booking pattern.