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How to Add a Child Holiday

How to add a holiday for a child.

1) Navigate to the 'Child' icon from the left hand menu and hover your mouse over it.

2) Select Sessions.

This will take you to the sessions screen. Click onto the schedule drop down list and select holiday, as shown above.

Adding a single day's holiday

Adding a single day's holiday

This will take you into the add holiday screen. You have the option to add holiday on for a single day or multiple days.

1) For a single day you have just one date calendar to select the date you would like the holiday on.

2) You also have the option to enter in a discount amount.

3) Once you have entered in the details of the holiday click on the Save button.

Adding Multiple Days Holiday

Adding Multiple Days Holiday

If you would like to book in a multiple day holiday select the button for multiple day holiday. You will then find that a start and end date calendar will appear.

1) Put in the start date and the end date of the holiday in the calendars.

2) Enter in any discount required in the discount box.

3) As above, once the holiday details are entered, select the save button.

4) Once you have booked all the holiday needed, click onto the Exit button to return back to the sessions screen.

You will then see that the holiday has been booked in by the green line which shows on the sessions page for that day.