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How to Delete a Payment

If you incorrectly added a payment and need to delete it, simply reverse it.

Initial set up

Initial set up

The first time you delete a payment you will need to set up your reverse payment reasons - you will only ever have to do this once:

1) Go into the Settings tab and select Data Lists.

2) Pick 'Reverse Payment Reasons' from the drop down box.

3) Press the green plus sign to add your reasons.

4) The box on the right will open up and type in your reason.

5) Press Save.

To reverse the payment

To reverse the payment

Go to the Child's Account screen and into Payments.

Click the reverse icon as indicated in the picture.

Reason for reverse payment

Reason for reverse payment

1) Pick your reason.

2) Pick the date you want on the reversal.

3) Save.