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How to Add Extra Child Information

In this section of the child account, you can add all their allergies, dietary, illnesses, medical information and their observations and permissions.

Where to add this?

Where to add this?

1) Go to the Child's Summary page.

2) Go to Misc. Details on the right hand of the screen.

3) Pick from the drop down list the item that you would like to add.

To edit

To edit

1) Click the yellow edit pencil.

2) Tick which items apply.

3) Remember to Save.

NOTE - How to add options to the child's information

To add any new tick boxes, or drop down options in Abacus, you need to add them to your data lists:

1) Go to the Settings icon and click on Data Lists.

2) Pick from the drop down box the area you want to add to.

3) Click on the green plus sign.

4) The grey area on the right hand side will open up and you can type in your new option.

5) Click Save.

You will now have this option next time you edit that data list.