Abacus Help Files Getting StartedAdding New Users and Permissions

Adding New Users and Permissions

You can add as many users as you require to access Abacus so that they will all have their own individual log in.  A great advantage of this is that you can set permissions so that some staff can only see the information they need access to.  For example not all staff need to be able to see financial information for the nursery.

To add a new user

A request will need to be sent from the managers email address to [email protected]

To set up the user you will need to provide us with:

  • The nursery name they have access to.
  • The persons name.
  • Their date of birth.
  • A 8 character password (must have at least 1 number ) or we can provide you with one.

We will then set this up for you and reply with the full details of their login.

To then set their permissions

To then set their permissions

This can only be done by the person with User Code 1.

1) Pick the user whose permissions you want to set.

2) Tick the areas they are allowed to see.

3) Click Save.