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Invoice Types Explained

We understand that every nursery has different ways in which they run invoices for parents. By changing the child's invoice type it it easier to invoice for the period that you wish to charge them for.

To change the child's invoice type

Click on the 'Children' tab and then on 'Accounts'.

1) Click on the Charges tab and see the Invoicing section.

2) Click on the invoice type box and pick the invoice type you want -

  • Weekly -  This will invoice the child for a week of your choice.  This should also be used for four weekly invoices.  If when running your invoice's you pick a week four weeks in advance of your last invoice and leave Combine Multiple Invoices ticked, the invoice will pick up the previous un invoiced weeks creating a four week invoice.
  • Fortnightly -  This will invoice the child for a fortnightly period of your choice.
  • Calender Monthly - This will invoice the child for a calendar month from the 1st to the last day for the exact sessional information you have put into Abacus.
  • Quarterly - This will invoice the child for a three month quarter period.
  • Fee Planner - This will invoice up to the date you have set in the Finance Configuration tab.  NOTE: If you use our Fee Planner service you do not need to use this invoice type.
  • Bespoke Date -  This will invoice a child for the bespoke invoice period's you have configured in the Finance Configuration tab. This is very useful if a parent wants an invoice for a long period or a year for example.
  • Termly -  This will invoice a child according to your School Terms. To set these up see the help file page on School Terms.
  • Standing Order -  This will invoice the child for an average monthly amount. This is calculated using a week of their booking pattern x the number of weeks you have configured your nursery to be open in Abacus; divided by twelve.

3) Once you have chose the invoice type click Save.