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How to Add a Payment

There are two ways to add a payment on a child's account.

Making a payment on a child's account screen

Click on the yellow 'Children' icon and then on the 'Accounts' tab.

1) Click on the Payments tab.

2) Click on the Payment icon.

1) Pick your payment method from the drop down - if voucher see below.

2) Select the payment date.

3) Enter the amount of the payment.

4) Select the Bill Payer.

5) Tick the invoice the payment is against, or if an advance payment do not tick anything.

6) Press Ok.

NOTE: If there are several invoices, you can select the tick box in the yellow header and the system will automatically select all invoices and pay off as many as possible, starting with the oldest, with the payment being made.


1) Choose Voucher from Payment Mode.

2) Enter a Voucher Ref. number and pick your Voucher Name.

3) Enter the amount of the Voucher and press the symbol next to it to add the voucher payment.

4) Enter the date it was paid.

5) Tick the box for the invoice the amount is being allocated against or if it is an advanced payment do not tick anything.

6) Press Ok.

Another way to make payments - Quick Pay

Click on 'Finance' and then on 'Quick Pay'.

1) Select Range.

2) Search the dates which the invoices you want to pay are in.

3) Press Process.

4) Click on the Pay symbol next to the invoices you want to add payments to.

1) Complete the payment information as you would in a child screen.

2) Select the relevant invoice(s).

3) Choose if you would like to print a receipt of payment then press Ok.